BOP Quantum Ground will prove that what you are hearing
from your audio system currently is not authentic - yet.

There's nothing wrong with your audio devices. However, the problem is noise.

A new ground noise solution for your audio system.

Without any groundwork or upgrades or replacements,

BOP Quantum Ground will lead you to a new world of sound.

The quietest background you can imagine, a multidimensional sound stage you have never experienced before, redefining blurry sound images and musicality, from now on, BOP Quantum Ground is the new cornerstone of an audio system.

Many in-home digital electronics like TVs, set-top boxes, laptops, network gear, LED lights, and electromagnetic energy such as 3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, and even Bluetooth.

These countless noise sources surrounding our residential environment can adversely affect sound quality more than we can imagine. In Particular, digital audio devices that require precise timing can easily be affected by this surrounding noise, thus sound quality is significantly damaged.

With ultra-low impedance technology, BOP Quantum Ground eliminates ground noise and ground loops effectively and matches the phase difference between the devices derived from potential differences. With excellent imaging, clear sound, and accurate focus, BOP Quantum Ground delivers a three-dimensional holographic sound stage that you've never experienced before, and musicality as well. Whatever you can imagine, the BOP Quantum Ground will deliver superior sound quality beyond that.

Single point grounding with ultra-low impedance technology
  • Ultra-low Impedance Ground
  • Single Point Ground (Earth Ground)
  • Star Topology Ground (Chassis Ground)
  • 100% Pure Analog Circuit
Quantum Ground effect
  • Eliminating ground noise
  • Breaking Electrical Harmonic Distortion inflow
  • Suppressing the ground effect
  • Speaker Phase Alignment, maintain 0V reference potential
  • Reducing chassis noise, self-generated noise
Eliminating ground noise by using ultra-low impedance
with Ground Noise
without Ground Noise

BOP Quantum Ground is a single-point grounding system using a star topology through the chassis ground of all audio devices, as well as any noise transmitted through the ground. It is a truly innovative technology that realizes an authentic noise-free audio experience by suppressing the ground loop caused by any potential difference, which is the difference between the chassis voltage between devices.

This STAR Ground (single point) ground can reduce ground loop, noise and electromagnetic interference that occurs between devices with a mixture of analog and digital signals as well as removing ground noise by gathering multiple grounds into one place.

Electrical Harmonics Distortion

For example, using electricity at 60Hz. As a result, all consumer electronics are subject to 60Hz Electrical Harmonic Distortion. These electrical harmonics are 60Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz ... and N’th integer order harmonics generated in units of 60Hz frequencies of up to 3,000 Hz are considered as electrical harmonics.

Since audio devices also use 60 Hz electricity, electrical harmonics also occur in audio equipment.

These electrical harmonics influence fundamental tones directly, making the sound cloudier and out of phase, reducing focus. Quantum Ground prevents electrical harmonics, creating a very clean and clear sound image.

Eliminating Ground Loops due to Potential Differences between Devices

The ground loop caused by the potential difference between devices creates other types of electrical harmonics, which seriously harms sound quality.

Quantum Ground uses a star point ground and the ultra-low impedance of a lithium-ion battery to minimize the effect of this ground loop and improve sound quality.

Device and Chassis Noise Reduction
Audio Device Noise
Chassis Ground Noise Reduction

The audio device itself also generates noise. In particular, digital devices such as computers, streamers, and DACs inevitably generate noise. This noise affects other analog audio devices, making the sound quality worse. BOP Quantum Ground prevents this noise inflow with a patented ground technology.

The Phase Difference of Chassis Ground

Generally, audio signals are transmitted as an alternating current. It’s critical to maintain a 0V reference potential between devices, but it’s an almost unattainable goal because leakage current differs brand to brand and how they deal with the ground, and sometimes, the innate characteristics of each device. As a result, a potential difference between the devices ruins sound quality.

A digital device is easily influenced by noise and hinders it’s precise operation generating timing errors and jitter issues. Finally, the phase of the left and right channels are severely distorted. BOP Quantum Ground minimizes this effect and adjusts the potential difference close to the 0V reference, creating a condition where the speakers can operate as similarly as possible, resulting in excellent channel separation and dramatic sound stage improvement.

100% Pure Analog Circuit

BOP Quantum Ground is a pure analog circuit design. Digital circuits are simpler and easier to develop, but inevitably there must be a clock, and the CPU operation causes noise. So it’s nonsense to put digital parts into a noise reduction device. All the functions of BOP Quantum Ground operate with patented analog circuits.


Quantum Ground x 1
Spade ground cable x 4
RCA ground cable x 1
XLR ground cable x 1

If the device has a ground terminal, connect the Quantum ground and device with the spade ground cable.

If the device does not have a separate ground terminal, connect RCA or XLR ground cables to a spare signal terminal on the device. NOTE: Connecting the ground cable to any speaker terminal (binding post) is strictly prohibited!

Sound Preference Tuning Switch

Understanding our fellow audiophiles, we put a High / Low impedance selector on the front panel to match the various kinds of devices they are using and meet their sophisticated preference.

High : Like a tube amp, it produces a rich and natural sound. This mode is recommended for solid state amplifier users.

Low : Very high-speed notes and audio system transients are improved. Recommended for tube amplifier users.

Of course, you can select High / Low according to your preference.

Results of a Decade of R&D

In 2014, the first BOP series, L5 and L12 were released and received favorable reviews, until now, many fans are using BOP L5 and L12 USB noise reduction devices. Since then, after a process of thousands of trial and error and hundreds of prototypes, we finally managed to release the fully developed version for you, Quantum Ground.

Sound Test and Tuning

Sound quality is not determined by the specifications. Many theories and techniques are applied in the development stage, but the results quite often did not eventuate as we anticipated. The overall PCB layout for Quantum Ground was developed two years ago, but to pursue the best sound quality we tested lots of components and developed over 10 different prototypes. Now we present the best one among our attempts which you can now look forward to.

Sound Quality Improvement

Easy to use, but the effects are certain. Just put a ground cable on your device. You can’t prejudge the performance because it has never existed before.  No critical listening is needed, and you don’t even need to understand. You know it when you hear it.

You will never be able to go back to before you inserted the Quantum Ground. From now on, the BOP Quantum Ground is the new cornerstone of an audio system. Sound quality is greatly improved because Quantum ground directly engages with the fundamental tone. With excellent imaging, clear sound, accurate focus, dynamic range, natural harmonics, and the quietest background you can imagine. Above all, a multidimensional holographic sound stage that you have never experienced before.

Phase Error between Two Speakers
Phase error (out of phase)
BOP Quantum Ground (in-phase)

The phase of a sonic wave from the speaker could be shifted due to various kinds of noise. When this symptom occurs, phase from the left and right speakers are likely to be mismatched. In particular, digital sources are most vulnerable to noise which was one of the findings when we tested Quantum Ground. Instantly, 40 years of chronic problems for digital sources were solved. The phase adjustment capability of BOP Quantum Ground shows clearer sound, accurate focus, and in-phase staging beyond the speaker position, where anyone can immediately recognize the differences.

Wider Bandwidth, Broader Dynamic Range

Ground noise, Electrical Harmonic Distortion, refer to harmonic noise from a power supply that uses 60 Hz of AC electricity. In fact, 60 Hz is a very low frequency in audio. This electrical harmonic distortion is generated with following integer multiples of frequency starting from 60Hz,120Hz, 180Hz… up to 3,000Hz.

By removing this electrical noise, high frequencies are revived, shouty mid and lower midrange is gone, and the low ranges, descend deeper with improved detail. General State of a Sound Imaging with Noise vs the Sound Image with BOP Quantum Ground.

Normal (Noise)
BOP Quantum Ground (without Noise)

Veiled minute sound signals come alive with the removal of noise, in other words, micro dynamics are improved, and the S/N ratio gets better, which means now you can experience dramatically improved dynamic range.

Holographic Sound Stage
Nomal Sound Stage
BOP Quantum Ground

Experience the ‘Height’ that Quantum Ground Delivers

While phase issues are two-dimensional, the sound stage operates in three-dimensions. Can you hear the ‘exact height’ of each sound source with your audio system? Can you distinguish the ‘height’ of each instrument precisely? With BOP Quantum Ground, you can even picture the exact three-dimensional opera stage. Orchestra down below and forward of the proscenium, spots where the soprano and baritone are standing, choir, and even the space between the singers.

Electrical Harmonics and Noise Damages Sound Quality
Damage to Sound Quality Due to Noise

Noise blurs the tone, focus, and roughens the texture. Quantum Ground purifies the sound and natural harmonics bloom, like a clear circle on the right.


The evaluation of users who use BOP Quantum Ground is that musicality is improved above all else. After all, audio is a device for appreciating a musical performance, so no matter how good the hardware specifications and excellent audio elements may be, if the musicality is lacking, its impact will fade. When the BOP Quantum Ground is inserted, the outstanding performances of classical, jazz, or pop musicality is improved, and we become immersed in the music.