Quantum Ground FAQ

How do I Connect?

The Quantum Ground must be connected to the multi-tab that connects the power cable of the audio system. If your system has a lot of devices and you use multiple multi-tabs, you must be connected the power cable between the multi-tabs.

If the device does not have a ground terminal, where should I connect it?

It is best to connect the spade ground cable to the ground terminal of the unit. If there is no ground terminal, connect the RCA ground cable or the XLR ground cable to the interconnector terminal (RCA or XLR). However, it is good to connect the spade ground cable to the chassis.

Can I connect the spade ground cable to the binding post?

Never. A typical signal stage has a low current flow, but the binding post of the power amplifier and the binding post of the speaker have a large current flow, which can overload the battery embedded in the Quantum Ground and cause a shock during the machine.

Can I connect Quantum Ground to the speaker?

Connecting to the binding post of the speaker is absolutely prohibited. However, if the speaker has a separate ground terminal, it can be connect to the ground terminal.

What is the meaning of the Mode switch?

A feature that allows you to set impedance to your liking. When the switch is facing up, Like a tube amp, it produces a rich and natural sound. When the switch is facing down, Very high-speed notes and audio system transients are improved.

What is the meaning of the front LED?

Quantum Ground manages batteries with a patented battery charging/discharging system. The Quantum Ground contains two 18650 Li-ion batteries and the LED shows the status of the batteries in use.

How long does the battery last?

In general, the life of a lithium ion battery is 1 year to 1 year and 6 months, and may vary depending on the environment used. At the end of the battery life, it cannot operate normally and the instrument itself begins to click. This is the sound that occurs when one battery is discharged and another battery is found.

Should batteries be lithium-ion batteries only?

The core of the Quantum Ground is the ultra-low impedance of lithium-ion batteries. Current is a property of moving to a low impedance region, It absorbs ground noise from devices connected to the Quantum Ground. After several tests, 18650 lithium-ion batteries with protective circuits produced the most ideal result.